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William Shakespeare Macbeth shows many different types of power throughout the play during different scenes, such as supernatural power, domestic power. The witches show a strong power over Macbeth in not. Macbeth seeks to gain as much power as he possibly can and this ultimately leads to his demise. He hears the prophecy of the witches and becomes so obsessed with fulfilling the prophecy because it states that he will eventually become king. Having this information, Macbeth goes out of his way to force the prophecy to come true.

An Analysis of Power in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Obsession of Power in Macbeth Free Essay Example

Tragic heroes are heroes that get the most respect and power from people but can also lose everything and come crashing down because of their own mistakes. Scott Fitzgerald both as tragic heroes. Macbeth is a superior general who is very. For example, Lady Macbeth continuously wants to be changed into a man in order to get certain duties done that Macbeth is hesitant to do.

The Theme of Power in Macbeth

However, when Macbeth was declared Thane of Cawdor, almost immediately after the witches' prophecies, he had private thoughts and ambitions that he could become King of Scotland. In an instant the witches had let loose Macbeth's over ambitious nature for imperial power. An aside in I. This included the murder of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth, wanting to be queen of Scotland, provided her husband with a plan to assassinate King Duncan.
There are many different types of powers, which a person may possess. Sometimes people are born into families of such class status. Other will strive to improve their status and to better their lives. To achieve such powers, one must manage to successfully challenge the current ruling powers.
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