Radical possibilities of the american revolution thesis

Wood claimed that the political reorganization in America changed how citizens viewed one another and had a subtle, but deep and profound change on their social relationships. Further, the American Revolution was a radical movement that changed the world in a way that shook it to its foundations by challenging the concept of aristocracy in the Western World that had existed for two thousand years and completely changed the political and social landscape in the United States and the world forever. The Revolution and Social Change The war left the United States in a dark spot as they must settle two important issues as to what kind of society America was to become and what sort of government the new nation would possess. Social tensions exposed during the imperial crises of were subsequently magnified along with the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the dislocations caused by the war itself. In both the circumstances which occasioned the DOI and those which gave rise to the DSFC, the oppressed were agitating for the same effect; the conclusion of unjust and ill treatment.

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. How revolutionary was the American Revolution? Assigned Questions How revolutionary was the American Revolution? Use evidence to support your answer. The American Revolution created the United States, it transformed from a monarchical society which the colonists were subjects of the Crown, into a republic which citizens become participants in the political process.


The United States has become the most. Wood, the author states, "The Revolution was the most radical and far reaching event in American history. Within the revolution there was more than.
Unlike the normal way of life in European government and society, Americans desired a nation in which the inherent rights. Altogether, the American, French, and Haitian revolutions in some way all made radical changes to varying degrees, however the French revolution was the most radical of the three. The French revolution involved the strong institution of law focused on Enlightenment ideas.
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