Module 10 case study endocrine system

Are you interested in the how and why of diseases, and how to treat them? Do you want to embark on a career where you use your interpersonal skills and knowledge of medicines to improve people's health? Pharmacists are experts in medicines. They're vital for ensuring quality and safe supply of medicines within the law, and advising patients and fellow medical professionals on the correct use of medicines. They also offer health advice to patients.

BSC 2346 Module 08 Case Study 4 CNS Movement Disorders

BSC Module 10 Case Study 5 Endocrine System

The MARS mission was a psychosocial isolation experiment conducted between and by Russia, the European Space Agency and China, in preparation for an unspecified future crewed spaceflight to the planet Mars. Between and , three different crews of volunteers lived and worked in a mock-up spacecraft at IBMP. The final stage of the experiment, which was intended to simulate a day crewed mission, was conducted by an all-male crew consisting of three Russians Alexey Sitev, Sukhrob Kamolov, Alexander Smoleevskij , a Frenchman Romain Charles , an Italian Diego Urbina and a Chinese citizen Yue Wang. The mock-up facility simulated an Earth-Mars shuttle spacecraft, an ascent-descent craft, and the Martian surface. The volunteers who participated in the three stages included professionals with experience in engineering, medicine, biology, and human spaceflight. The experiment yielded important data on the physiological, social and psychological effects of long-term close-quarters isolation. MARS was intended to study the psychological, physiological and technological challenges inherent to long-duration space flight.

Endocrine Case Studies

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