Persuasive essays on endangered species

The inhumane treatment of animals used for research is well documented. There are many pros and cons considering the use of the animals in medical research. Frankly, animal testing is unethical on many levels. I agree that striving to find new medicine to cure us is very important indeed; but why harm beautiful creatures, such as animals, to obtain uncertain cures for ourselves while there are loads of other ways to discover new. Because, we, the public, are mostly blinded by cover ups and lies that make animal testing seem like it's not a really bad thing, which is why I think it is important to know all the facts and why I think it should be banned forever. This poor animals, every year, are dissected, infected, injected, gassed, burned and blinded in hidden laboratories all over the world, most of the time without anesthetic or pain killers.

Persuasive Essay On Endangered Species

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One way in which human activity proved incredibly detrimental to live on Earth is by causing extinction or This has been caused by destroying or limiting their natural habitat or disrupting their normal life cycle in other ways. One major cause is the inclusion of land supporting natural ecosystems into the economic circuit or for other human needs, for instance, as farmable land or land for human settlements. Other major reasons include deforestation, pollution, excessive hunting and fishing.

Endangered Species Essay

African vs Asian Elephant The asian elephant, an endangered animal has lost their habitat, have been treated with disrespect and fragmented. They have also been driven by large human population. As a result of coming near farmers lands, they are captured and sometimes killed. However, there are conservation priorities for the Asian Elephant and those include maintaining clean habitats and securing their corridors. On the other hand, the african elephant which is a vulnerable species.
This proves to be significant because although some say zoos are educational they prove of no worth to the amount of information we as humans obtain. Also when children see how these animals were taken out of their natural habitats and put in synthetic homes it can damage the kids. For instance, there have been cases of bacterial infections that could possibly put the children and adult sin danger. On example of this is e.
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