Clinical cases and literature review

Chinese Neurosurgical Journal volume 7 , Article number: 12 Cite this article. Metrics details. Civilian gunshot wounds to the head refer to brain injury caused by projectiles such as gun projectiles and various fragments generated by explosives in a power launch or explosion. Gunshot wounds to the head are the deadliest of all gun injuries.

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[Clinical Study on Cerebellar Contusion:A Report on 9 Cases and Literature Review]

Types of articles: A guide for young researchers. Today, young researchers wish to start publishing articles early on in their career. However, they are often unsure of what type of article they wish to write and how to approach this task. This series provides detailed guidance to young researchers about different article types that journals publish and the standard requirements, procedures, and approach to each type. A young researcher's guide to writing an original…. A young researcher's guide to a systematic review.

Spinal cord disease in children with malignancies: clinical cases and literature review.

Metrics details. Since , 49 cases have been presented on ring chromosome 4. All of these cases have been characterized for the loss of genetic material.
Stercoral ulcer perforation SUP was first described in Fewer than cases have been reported in the literature. Historically, stercoral ulcers SU are mostly seen in older patients. However, in recent years younger patients have presented with this condition.
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