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Transcendentalist writers usually have a circle effect of their work revolving around: God, nature, and man. God can be seen in nature while man tries to become one with nature which can be seen through the cycle of life. As a transcendentalist, he and other writers accepted the concept of nature as a symbol. Nature in this poem is something that is divine. William Cullen Bryant was well known for writing poems on nature, and he beautifully shows us the Romanticism view of one of their key themes. As with numerous other poems from the Romanticism Period, Bryant uses the imagery and ideas of a woman to convey his love for nature.

Essay on Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant

Asher B. Durand Painting - Term Paper

This contemplation shows where he is in his life and musings. It seems Keats is prepared to die, and this shows that. In conclusion, Keats makes the poem very reflective by reflecting on the meaning of life through a nightingale. For Keats, the nightingale represents, in essence, the cycle of life, and shows that death an exist along with life. The bird also represents Keats imagination, and this he also reflects on, along with the complexity of life and death. Keats describes his own reasons for fearing death in a way that causes the reader to reflect on death and its effects.

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Thanatopsis Vs Calvinism Words 2 Pages. Likewise, Calvinism is another movement that is also called as reformed theology within Orthodox Protestantism. It was developed by John Calvin who is a French theologian.
There are so many similarities and differences in the world. But most differences must have their similarities. Like movies and books, or drumline and colorguard, and etc.
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