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More ». January 31, Rapid and accurate diagnosis of many diseases requires separating a blood sample into several parts, including plasma and red blood cells. This is typically done by spinning the sample at an extremely fast rate in a device called a centrifuge. The high centrifugal force causes the fluid to form layers based on the density of the components. Unfortunately, this key piece of medical equipment is typically expensive, bulky, and requires electricity to work, making it impractical in many global settings.


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If you had sufficient time and a vibration-free environment, you could patiently wait and the force of gravity would bring most suspended particles to the bottom of a centrifuge tube. The smallest particles would probably stay in suspension due to brownian motion, and most macromolecules would be uniformly distributed because they would be in solution rather than suspension. I don't know about you, but I don't have the kind of patience needed in order to rely solely on gravity for separation of solid from liquid components. Besides, for practical purposes the pellet you obtained would be way too easily disrupted for effective separation of solid material from supernatant. Gravity would not be a terribly effective way of separating suspended materials based on size or other characteristics. When decribing a centrifugation run in materials and methods, it is seldom necessary to report more than the force, time, and temperature of centrifugation.

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