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Research shows that teens aged between 16 and 19 are involved in car accidents four times more as compared to the rate of adult drivers between 25 and 69 years Shinar The research findings suggest that teen drivers make several critical errors on the road, including inexperience, lack of scanning in detecting as well as responding to hazards, overspeeding where there are speed limits, being distracted by gadgets like cellphones among others Heath 6. In reality, it is arguable that there are no such thing like car accidents, they are actually preventable accidents. Willim, in a study of factors that predisposes teenagers to careless driving, argues that parents-involvement in advising teens about driving will reduce teen car accidents by almost half 6. By restraining teens from driving at 16, you are just delaying the accidents for when they are able to drive. Not only are the experiences being skewed by changing the age, but there are also many programs in many states that have contributed in reducing accidents among teens.

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As many positive uses there are for cell phones, cell phone usage can be undoubtedly precarious while driving. Cell phone usage while driving is many times done irresponsibly and can put the driver at risk of getting injured. In addition to the driver getting injured, innocent pedestrians could also potentially lose their lives or be crippled due to a texting person who was driving at the same time. Because of this, lives are being destroyed, people are getting hurt, and laws are being made to try to prevent this. Of the many effects that texting while driving has on an individual, the most profound impact is death and. Teenagers feel the need to keep in-tuned with the world at every second of their life including while on the road. This proposes a danger to not only the person texting but other pedestrians and passengers.

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Sadly, most people tend to learn only from their own experience. They hear how it is dangerous to the person driving, also dangerous to the people and cars surrounding that driver. In addition, there are many tragic stories out there like Winfrey mentioned.
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